Maison de Choup 'Design From Within' Workshops

Maison de Choup runs workshops for organisations to encourage people to open up and talk about their mental health. We run these workshops with great success for companies, organisations, charities, schools, colleges and universities

The workshop includes a talk about mental health from a lived experience point of view from our founder George. The talk then goes into how Maison de Choup started from a dark place and ends with a creative workshop of getting people to design using their own thoughts and feelings. It will shine light on the importance of talking about mental health, and explore different ways that people can open up.

The workshop is moving, engaging, encouraging, hopeful and interactive. If you want to encourage your employees/students or colleagues that it's ok to suffer from poor mental health, this is a great workshop. 

The opportunity to open up and express your thoughts and feelings through design is not only rewarding, but cathartic for those that take part.

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful and inspiring talk.
The feedback from the students has been amazing and they really loved it and were just so delighted that you came and told us about Maison de Choup.”
Zoe Souter - Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design

“I read George’s inspirational story in Happiful magazine and felt he would be an excellent speaker and role model to engage with our 6th Form students. Educating our young people about mental health issues is a key priority for us and it was brilliant to have a young adult that our students could relate to talking about both his story and the current issues in mental health funding. Engaging , relevant and above all positive, George showed us that there is hope for all of us even in the darkest moments of mental illness and strongly conveyed the message that we MUST talk about mental health more honestly and openly.” 
Sarah Haines, Malmesbury School


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