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On #mentslhealthday I mentioned Maison de Choup, a clothing designs company that was born out of George Hodgson’s negative experiences with anxiety & his coping mechanism was designing.


I caught up with George & did a quick interview to give you a bit of an insight into his new collection and the inspiration behind it.

The name Maison de Choup (MdC) came from a nickname George gave to his sister Charlotte. Charlotte (or Choup as she was then) is now developing her own artist brand PSYREN and is also co-founder of Lounge Studios UK and continues to be an inspiration to Maison de Choup.

It’s a fantastic thing that George was able to make something positive out of his anxiety. I think it’s so important to talk about mental health; make it normal to be able to speak out.

Many people see mental health issues as ‘fixed’ conditions, rather than a spectrum that everyone is on at different degrees and constantly moving up and down the scale.

George is so open about his experiences which should help the cause as well as 25% of his words fail me design going to YoungMinds charity which helps young people suffering from anxiety.

I was particularly drawn to the flight design & asked for the story behind it. George said “The shapes were inspired by the artwork of the Chinese opera faces. There are black shapes they draw to increase expressions on their faces.  After it was placed it looked like birds, but funnily enough the inspiration was not at all bird related. Interesting how things can take an unexpected shape.” – I’m hoping they’ll come in a few different necklines!

When I asked about the advice that he would give to those currently suffering from anxiety he stressed the importance of being able to talk. “once you become comfortable talking about your illness, you don’t feel so trapped inside your own head.”  Most people are more than comfortable to talk about physical injuries, however negative mental health or impoverished emotional well-being aren’t as openly discussed. With the rise of companies such as MdC & people like George openly discussing their experiences and being able to create such a positive outcome should hopefully drive the changes needed in society.

George’s plan for MdC is to run more designs as limited edition & to make these become synonymous with MdC’s message of ethical sourcing & spreading the word that “The light at the end of the tunnel will approach quicker than you think”.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about this amazing company & their efforts. Had you heard of MdC? What do you think about it?