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Maison de Choup - Designer Clothing Brands

Maison de Choup is one of the newest Designer Clothing Brands out on the market today. 

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If you can't talk, type and don’t forget there is light at the end of the tunnel”


"Now that George has left the dark days behind, MdC hopes his success will inspire others"
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"During this period I had the idea of Maison de Choup, my fashion label born out of my anxiety."

"It's clothes get rave reviews from fashion bloggers"
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"Maison is a wonderful store with a whole lot of potential"

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"Artist George Hodgson Launches Maison de Choup" 

Maison de Choup is fast becoming one of the most popular designer clothing brands in the UK. 

Artist and designer George Hodgson suffered for years with severe anxiety. Now, he channels his energy and creativity into Maison de Choup, a designer fashion brand committed to raising awareness of mental wellbeing.

Maison de Choup’s debut collection is called Born Out of Anxiety. It includes t-shirts and shirts, both of which are made from ethically sourced organic cotton and are unisex in design, as well as Italian leather and Spanish vinyl tote bags. The most popular product is the Words Fail Me tee, which has a word search design of jumbled letters and incomprehensible words, which represents what many anxiety sufferers may feel. 25% of the proceeds from the sales of this tee are donated to the Young Minds charity, which is the UK’s leading charity dedicated to supporting emotional wellbeing for children and young people. "Best Designer Clothing Brands 2016"