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Hi everyone, it’s me again. If you were here for my last post about how to stay mentally well during the lockdown, you will know that for me, a strong, peaceful morning routine is the perfect way to start a good day. About half a year ago, I integrated yoga into my morning routine to get stronger and but to also help me relax, flow and move through any emotions and whilst we’ve been in lockdown, I have absolutely fallen in love with it!

There is something about the slow, extremely rewarding progress that makes me want to carry on every day, and not only because of the physical progress but also the mental. The lessons it has taught me whilst on the mat that I will be able to take into the real world have been priceless. One of the most obvious being - that with consistent practice - belief, focus and love, the things you are working towards will happen.

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I recently mastered the headstand and you better believe I celebrated every little milestone along the way - chuffed! I’m not a yogi (yet) and I haven’t studied it for years but I do know that it makes me feel good, especially on the days that I’m not feeling great! My family recently started joining in and it’s been such a wholesome exercise teaching them and feeling them enjoy it too! ☺️💖🧘

With all that being said, I wanted to pass the feeling on, so about a month ago I plucked up the courage and set up a Zoom call, twice a week on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 3pm. I was initially going to copy a youtube video and walk people through it as I watched it but I have since started to put together my own flows so that I am able to be fully present with everyone that joins in.

Luckily, the weather has been on our side and we’ve been able to practice in the garden which has been a blessing. There are so many beautiful birds singing along when you take a moment to listen to it it’s wonderful and I am constantly grateful.

Photo: @iampsyren_

As I said, I’m not a certified yogi but I have been studying videos, reading up on it and creating my own simple yoga flows that I feel beginners would enjoy and benefit from. It’s nothing too serious as I know there is a universal cloud hanging over the world right now, but it’s a nice chance to see some friendly faces, relax, have a little laugh and at the same time get stronger and grow through yoga, whilst meeting new people.

If you would like to take half an hour out of your day, I will be running the Zoom Yoga Sessions on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s every week at 3pm. Just click the button below to email and book your free space, you’ll then receive the Zoom session details.

Bring your family, bring your G&T’s, bring your dogs! I would love to share the space with you.

If the button doesn't work you can sign up here for a free space here.

Lots of love, Char xxx

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