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Starting your own business is hard, really really hard. And can be very lonely. 

There is no manual.

Any mistakes made will ALWAYS be my own, I am at the top and it always falls on me. There is no one to blame. 

It's the run-up to the launch of the next collection. I'm at my desk on the phone for the majority of the day to different people, sending about 50 emails, trying to arrange a photo shoot, getting everyone together on the same day, by the way, is a complete NIGHTMARE!! 

At the same time, I'm trying to arrange the launch party and make sure it's perfect, it's only 15 days away now. The amount of stress I am feeling right now is off the chart. I'm only 20. 

The collection isn't even ready for the photo shoot and I've just had an email saying the stock has gone missing, the icing on the cake! 

Although I must admit, it's all very exciting, the adrenaline rush, thriving on the stress, talking to and meeting so many different people, pure fun. 

But it's not something that is for the faint hearted and believe me I still have my wobbles and days where I just don't do anything because I quite frankly, can't. My anxiety can still take over some days.  

If someone were to ask me, 'would you rather work for yourself or for a company?' I would say myself, 100% every time. 

Tomorrow brings a new day. Work on the next collection continues and I am SO excited to show you! Lots of focus on Mental Health and Positivity. 

Good night.x

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