Covid-19: The Char Char Edition

 Greetings folks, reporting from my bedroom floor on Wednesday March 18th 2020

I’m sure a lot of you are thinking “TAKE US BACK TO 2019, WE ARE DONE WITH YOU ALREADY 2020”. To say this year has been a slap in the face energetically is a gargantuan understatement! First, Kobe, then Caroline and now Covid-19…. HOWEVER, amidst all of the craziness currently going on globally, I thought I’d drop by and shine some positivity on your quarantined asses.

Today I have an overwhelming amount of energy (in case you didn’t pick that up from paragraph one) that I’ve no idea what to do with - I mean, there’s plenty I could be doing - writing a new song, practising my set list, playing my piano, mixing new tracks and so on and so forth - somehow when you’re told you have all this free time SUDDENLY it feels like we should be doing something different…LOL. I say this because self isolation for creatives isn’t much different to normal day life. Anywho I digress, George (my brother) told me to channel my energy into a blog post, so here we are… hopefully I can brighten someone’s day.

This is a NO STATISTICS ZONE - I’m not a doctor, nor a scientist and I don’t want to add to everyone’s already existing anxieties with information that may be wrong. So instead, I’d like to share a few tips on self care that can be used in your day to day life whether you’re in quarantine, self isolating… or not

1. Take regular media breaks - This goes without saying on a usual day (and I’m sure you’re all aware that the media only portrays stories that they want us to hear or see) but at present, it’s hugely important. If you turn on the news and watch it today for even 5 minutes, I can almost guarantee you’ll come away feeling some type of way - you’ll be passing on that energy and information onto that people you speak to and then they’ll be feeling some type of way. Maybe just for a day, turn off your telly - give your mind a break. Negative thoughts hold a lot of power so try and outweigh them by not saying them aloud and by replacing them with positive words instead, even if they’re silly, it’ll divert the negatives from yo’ mind!

2. LISTEN TO MUSIC! - It might not sound like a big thing but honestly, music is one of the biggest healing tools in existence. Even the birds cheeping outside are enough to bring us peace much like the sound of waves. Spend some time having a boogie to your favourite album, SING at the top of your lungs, DANCE around your lounge. Use some of the energy you’ve got stored up from being at home! Listen here, this morning on the way back from Asda I was screaming and dancing to My Chemical Romance at the top of my lungs like a lunatic, I may have looked a little crazy BUT it made me feel good, GREAT even! Try it, it’ll make you feel good, I promise!

3. On that note, if you’re feeling good, PASS IT ON! Positive energy is infectious! Write encouraging notes of positivity to yourself and your loved ones, FaceTime your friends and family if you can’t get out to see them. Check in on your loved ones every day. Remind yourself of things you still have to be grateful for - abundance lives around each and everyone of us, things we might sometimes forget! Here’s a couple of examples if you can’t think of any:

    • The sun shining in our windows every morning (even if it’s behind the clouds in the UK, lol)
    • Extra time with our loved ones
    • The kindness of the world coming together in times like these and having access to everyone via the internet
    • Your chance to DECIDE to have a good day each day and the CHANCE to start again EVERY SINGLE DAY
    • Nature
    • Laughter
    • Spring time fast approaching bringing with it the blooming of new plants
    • The list goes on…



4. Try and eat nutritious and immune boosting meals. Everyday but especially in times like these… Niall Kirkland's instagram is one of the yummiest places to go for easy recipe and meal ideas.

5. Stay active - Youtube is a great place to start if you want to find home workouts. Instagram also has SO many accounts to follow if you want some inspo. Grace Beverley has been posting some amazing content surrounding this! If you find it hard to motivate yourself, maybe even FaceTime your friends and get jiggy with them too, it'll be a laugh - I’m always up for a FaceTime star jump session - feel free to hit me up!

6. PRACTICE SELF CARE - Now babies, this is such a big point for me, in life in general. Self care doesn’t always mean meditating or going full on zen-mode (although that is my preference most of the time). It can also mean, reading a book, painting your nails, cooking your fave meal, listening to music, going for a walk, taking a long bath, gardening (maybe talking to your house plants, like I do most days). If any of these things sound like a bit of you, then now more than ever, GET GOING WITH ‘EM HUN. Start that book, weed that flower bed, eat that packet of crisps (and then refer back to point number 4)! 

(Also no.6 but a little side note) If you listen to our podcast you will have heard me banging on and on and ON about a morning routine, if you haven’t then WELCOME, I’m about to bang on and on about a morning routine. It has been instrumental in helping with my mindset, mental health and creativity. If like me, you are a lover of self care and love nothing more than a juicy morning routine, here’s a little order of what I usually do along with some links to my favourites:

  • Wake up - usually around 6am, earlier if I need to fit this all in before work
  • Meditate - for at least 10 minutes, lately has been more like 20 (here’s a link to my current meditation playlist.. I pick one of these each morning intuitively, depending on my mood, energy and how I’m feeling. There are also hundreds of apps for this too
  • Journal - I then write down everything I am thinking after my meditation, things that I am grateful for and intentions for the day and future
  • Read - even if I only have time to read one page
  • Workout/Yoga - I use the SarahBethYoga channel on youtube - it is my absolute FAVOURITE. Get that bod moving in the morning, again, even if it’s just 20 star jumps

By the way, even if you only have 5 minutes to spare in the morning - you can do ALL of these for just 1 minute each and STILL have completed a morning routine. The Miracle Morning is a great book to help you get started!


7. If you’re still getting your pay check whilst you’re self isolating and have the means to carry on paying towards small businesses that you use each month for example, your gym, your nail technician, your dog walker, the coffee you buy everyday - pay forward to your next appointment to support them, buy a gift voucher, etc. Small businesses and the hospitality industry are being hit hard at this time. Let’s support each other!

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM, I've used some energy and now I’m hungry so I’m going to go and cook something scrumptiously nutritious and immune boosting. If you’re still reading this, hats off to you, you deserve a drink (at home of course) - I’ll join you in spirit.

If you’re feeling low, my FaceTime is always open, my DM’s are always open too - if you want to carry on this conversation. Might I note that although this is an uncertain time, I also believe it’s time the world has so very much needed to heal. Look at us all, supporting one another, coming together and shining bright in a bit of a dim time. It’s beautiful. Remember to smile and laugh! Love and light to you all, HAPPY Wednesday, keep shining!

Char 💖xxxx

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