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  • 5 Must-Read Books if you Suffer from a Mental Illness

    Having a mental illness isn't something that can't be cured in a day, or by reading. However, reading about shared experiences of mental illness is something that is encouraging and comforting when you are going through a dark period. To know that there are other individuals out there who are or have experienced what you are going through right now is reassuring. I know, I've been there. 

    Over the years I have accumulated quite a collection of books on mental health. Autobiographies of people who have suffered in the past (and still do), research books on mental health and the odd quote book with famous sufferers. Now, not all of the above worked and frankly, some made it worse. But, every so often, you find a gem that speaks to you.

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  • Quarantine Qomfort: the evolution of leisure wear

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  • Sustainability vs. fashion: who wins?

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  • So...The Column is here, but what is it?

    Don't worry though, you'll love it. I swear!
  • Standing with George Floyd

    When the video of George Floyd being murdered by Derek Chauvin among other police officers went viral, we along with the world were shocked. Absolutely inconceivable actions from a person of the law, quite rightly he has been sentenced, but that is not enough. 

  • My Family and I Locked Down

    As the UK slowly eases its way out of lockdown, I wanted to share my experience of the situation, and how my family and I have coped throughout the pandemic. 

    So! If you need some things to try at home: