Standing with George Floyd

Standing with George Floyd

Image: Black Lives Matter © Black Lives Matter

When the video of George Floyd being murdered by Derek Chauvin among other police officers went viral, we along with the world were shocked. Absolutely inconceivable actions from a person of the law, quite rightly he has been sentenced, but that is not enough. 

We at Maison de Choup are committed to sharing messages of change, positive or negative, having an impact is one of our goals, so we couldn't stand by and watch. We as a company are and always will be an EEO employer.

#BlackoutTuesday was great and shared the message of awareness. But what can we, as white people, do to continue the support? 

We have listed various resources on what you can do to continue your support. Please follow the links and create as much noise as possible, the more we shout and unite, the more impact we have. 

Visit the official Black Lives Matter website for more resources here -

The first place to go is here -  - This website has all the relevant important resources to get started on education regarding the situation and the future going forward. 

Here is a MAJOR Twitter Thread on more relevant information -

Sign Petitions Here - - Important information regarding signing petitions and how best to sign them. 

Text or Call Here - - Text or Call the relevant numbers to impact the change we need. The email can be written for you, or you can use the template. Choose well. Choose all.

Donate Here - - You can donate to the various relevant places here, even with no money there are things you can do. Just visit the link.

Even More Resources - - There are even more resources on how to support, importantly, this includes links for Black Mental Health Resources and voting.

For Protesters - - All the relevant and very important information regarding protesting, including areas around the US. If you are thinking of protesting, this is your GO-TO for help. Be safe and remember to social distance. 

More protesting information and tips can be found here -

If you are protesting in the UK - Go to here

Watch the video below to financially help BLM with NO MONEY / without leaving your house. Invest in the future for FREE. Watch the video here -

If we have missed anything important or relevant, please comment with amendments and we will make the relevant changes.

This post needs to include as much information and support possible, if you would like to add something yourself please comment or email your changes and we will add them, we are open to all advice. If there are any issues please email

Illustration: Shirien Creates © Instagram

The world and all of us at Maison de Choup. 

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