How to wear...a face mask

How to wear...a face mask

The how to wear series is designed to give you some advice around a staple that you definitely have in your wardrobe - and you'd think that a face mask would be pretty self-explanatory, but...I've been surprised. 

As more countries implement policies around wearing face masks, it's pretty important to understand why they are important, and to make sure that you are optimising their value. Plus - and I cannot stress this enough - they can also be stylish. Everything can always be stylish. Let us reframe the tired, floppy blue surgical mask into a distressed, breathable cotton face covering, designed to bring attention to the turquoise tones in your eyes. See? It can be done. 

So, why are we wearing masks now? Well, because we have to - they are a method of source control, which means that they stop droplets from your mouth and nose to reach other people - and therefore can help to limit the spread of illness. 

Do they really, truly work? Well, according to loads of evidence, they do indeed. 

But just plonking a mask on your face won't do anything. It's only got two straps, how hard can it be? Yup, I hear you.  I know it seems simple, but you have to make sure you're wearing it properly. WHO has a really great infographic about all the things you need to take into consideration: yes, you need to wash it! No, you can't leave any gaps! 

Okay, so now we have covered how to wear the mask, it's time to talk about how to wear the mask, if ya know what I mean. 

You'll need multiple masks. This is critical, because you always want to have one at hand while you're religiously washing the others. To help with this, here is my definitive how to wear list, to help you build a solid mask wardrobe, to suit every look. And we have released an incredible collection by Abi Lewer, to help you along the way. 


Having a mask in a solid, plain neutral colour means that no matter what you are wearing, you'll be able to step out comfortably knowing that your outfit is finished. If you are wearing patterns or bright, block colours, a plain mask means that the look isn't overwhelmed, and centres your vibe on a core, spinal tone. I know that all sounds super bullshit, but in short: have a plain mask ready to go. My pick, as always, is black. 


While having a plain mask is important, you'll also need another one that focusses on light tones. Personally - I absolutely detest seeing blue jeans with black accessories. Sometimes it works! Sure, but it makes my skin crawl. So when I'm wearing blue or light pants, with a light shirt, I want to make sure that my mask isn't clashing with the look. Having a light beige, or soft blue works with your more relaxed outfits. 


This wouldn't be a good how to wear list, if it didn't include a statement mask. It can be a cool gingham pattern, or this one, which I absolutely covet: but it should serve to uplift a plain outfit. 


WEARING: My Assembly order rocked up, so I am wearing this ribbed tee to absolute death. 

LISTENING TO: Carrie and Lowell. A recent road trip around Scotland really had me in my Sufjan feels. 

EATING: Had the best meal I've ever had in the UK (huge call! It's true though) at Ka Pao in Glasgow. 

WATCHING: The Lord of the Rings, for the first time lmao. Legolas! Am I right?! 

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