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  • So... How is Maison de Choup actually pronounced?

    From Maison de 'Chomp' to Maison de 'Cop' we've heard them all and we've never thought it necessary to actually release how it's pronounced, by seeing as this seems to trip people up, we'd thought we let you in on the secret.

  • What was it like riding 147 Miles in 13 Hours?

    Sunday 8th October. It's a cold crisp Autumn morning and I'm hopping out of bed, mentally (and psychically) psyching myself up for I'm about to put myself through.

  • Becoming a Qualified Youth Mental Health First Aider

    I'm super excited to announce that I am now a qualified Youth Mental Health First Aider!! I can now help children and young people in distress suffering from ill mental health, last week over the course I learnt more about different disorders, how to treat them and talk to sufferers non-judgementally, also experiencing what it may be like to suffer from Schizophrenia! 

  • I'm riding 125 Miles for World Mental Health Day - YoungMinds

    For World Mental Health Day this year, I have decided to ride 125 Miles from my home village, Overton, all the way to Exeter, in Devon to raise money for YoungMinds to help continue the incredible work they do for children and young people suffering from a mental illness. 

  • Thank you to EVERYONE

    3 Years ago I set out on a Journey, a journey to change the face of mental health and stigma through the way of fashion. 2 Years ago today, I made my first sale on Maison de Choup. There's absolutely no doubt about it, it's been a rocky road, there have been incredible days, difficult days, soul-destroying days, and on many days, I have cried. 

  • never give up - a letter from Ruth Fox

    Never give up

    I’m not famous and most probably never will be. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t have my own story to tell. At 18 years old it’s not like I have learnt everything or indeed that I know who I am or what I intend to do with my life for the next 50 years. But I have experiences that not everyone has been through, experiences that I now feel ready to share, not because I want attention or recognition, but because I want to help people. If my story can touch just one person out there then my job is done. I want to make an impact on someone, and I truly hope that person is you.

  • The New Office - Maison de Choup Moves

    After starting Maison de Choup in my bedroom and working there since launching, I have now decided to take flight and move into a new office, based in Winchester. I've done this because I believe my room was getting too 'stuffy', I would wake up and work there, go to bed and move 5 ft to my bed and it was getting isolating, lonely and stale. My desk was lovely and very clean (all the time), I sometimes still work from home when I have to, but much less so now. 

  • 15 Ways to Be a Warrior…Not a Worrier

    Life is filled with little stressors that can bring us down. These come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from work and school to friends and family, but they can be absolutely anything. Occasionally, the stress comes at us from all angles all at once, and that’s when it starts to get a bit overwhelming.

  • Maison de Choup Streetstyle Looks - Graduate Fashion Week

    As always, we went representing Maison de Choup in all attire (walking billboard) our streetstyle looks were, in short, sick! Below is what we wore! 


  • #TalkMH Meetup in London - Hyde Park

    On Saturday 22nd April 2017 a group of people from Hannah Rainey’ (Little Thoughts Blog)#TalkMH chat on Twitter met up in London’s Hyde Park for a day of socialising, eating and enjoying the sun, here shown are some highlights from the day and the amazing people that attended.

  • Culture & Conversation: Lets Talk Mental Health

    On Wednesday, I attended an event at WeWork Spitalfields hosted by yada with the launch of Culture & Conversation. Starting with 'Let's Talk Mental Health'. I, together with Claire Eastham (We're All Mad Here) discussed and spoke about Mental Health and The Arts as well as The Hidden Issue - Anxiety.

    It was a very successful day, in the evening we sold our Words Fail Me T-Shirts and told more people about the story behind the brand, getting great feedback. 


  • Balancing Blogging with University - Olivia Ward-Hands

    Hello! My name is Olivia and I'm a blogger at Nude On Broad Street. I'm also a full-time fashion student at LCF. I've been blogging alongside studying at Uni for 4 years now and feel like I've finally cracked a good balance between balancing the two.