Words Fail Me Pre-Order FAQ's

MDC has recently been inundated with Words Fail Me T-Shirt orders and thus run out of stock. We have put a Pre-Order Programme in place to control orders and interest. Below are some FAQ answers and terms of how this will work. If you have any other queries or worries but still want to pre-order, please do not hesitate to email us at; support@maisondechoup.co.uk

  1. If I Pre-Order when will the donation to YoungMinds take place? 
    A: The donation to YoungMinds will be made as soon as the Pre-Order is placed. 
  2. What delivery option do I choose for Pre-Ordering?
    A: There is a delivery option on the checkout page stated 'Free Pre-Order Delivery' please select this option to help us understand your pre-order. 
  3. What happens if production doesn't go ahead?
    A: If we are in the unfortunate situation where production doesn't take place, all pre-orders will be refunded without fail. Rest assured. 
  4. What is the estimated delivery time? 
    A: At this time we cannot specify an exact time, but depending on orders we are looking at Mid-Late October for delivery. 
  5. If I change my mind after I've placed the Pre-Order, what's the situation?
    A: We will refund you as requested or alternatively you can choose a different T-Shirt design which is in stock and do a swap. However, we will notify via email when the production has begun, after this time refunds will not be possible as your T-Shirt is being produced.
  6. How does my T-Shirt get delivered?
    A: Maison de Choup T-Shirts are renowned for arriving beautifully packaged in Brown Tubes wrapped in Tissue, this is how your WFM Tee will arrive. They will come First Class.

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