Visiting and Delivering a workshop to the amazing young people in Bluebird House - Stories

On August 22nd 2018 I visited Bluebird House in Southampton, a secure mental health unit. I delivered a workshop to the young people surrounding fashion and telling them my story. Getting them to design t-shirts using their thoughts and feelings, then transferring them onto a real T-Shirt for them to keep. This is the second time I have visited a unit like this, only this one is slightly unique but higher risk. To illustrate; Upon entering, I was not allowed to take my phone in, any pens or small items as the young people may use them to swallow to self-harm, depending on their tool level. Every door, I mean every door, was double locked and I had to be escorted everywhere, even to the toilet. The young people had 2 nurses escorting them everywhere and head office had to be informed of every moment and where each person was, all the windows were triple glazed plastic and none of them were openable, in one of the wards, there were no sofas due to young people destroying them and everything was sealed behind plastic, the toilets had no seats. This is the very real, very sad reality of suffering from a severe mental illness and it hits home, hard. I felt privileged just to be able to drive home this afternoon. I gave the best workshop I could to them and some engaged very well, others not so much, even walked out, but that is ok and I understand. It makes me feel very pensive when leaving and if I made an impact on just one of them, my day is a success. Please always appreciate if you have positive strong mental health as this is a world in which many do not see.😓 Thank you for inviting me down today Bluebird House. All the work you do and all the nurses are absolutely amazing people. ❤️


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  • So lovely (and I’m sure rewarding) that you can use your journey to help others – and fantastic that you now have the strength to do so. I’m sure there were many a time you thought that there was just blackness in your life. What a lovely way to reach out and try your best to help others with similar issues. x

    Tanya Jennings

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