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For any blogger, being a full-time blogger is the dream. For any blogger, being able to live off your earnings, and have that little extra to splash out on each month is seen as the ultimate goal. I envy those who are at that point in life and if you are then well done! However what about bloggers, like myself, who are blogging but have to handle either a job or school work alongside it? I decided to do this post not to put people off blogging, but to give an insight of what being a blogger is actually like because many people think that as soon as your a blogger you are rolling in it. This is just my perspective of it all but if I can pass on some tips at the same to lighten the load, then that's even better.


With a blog, especially a blog which is growing more and more each day, working never stops. Even if I have school which starts at 9 in the morning, or work which starts at 8:30, I check up on my blog and social media before and after. When I write my blog posts, it will be after school or even sometimes during it when I have a free hour or so. Alongside having a blog, the social media side can be hectic too. I will set all my tweets for the day on Buffer when I wake up in the morning, and I will take ten minutes in the evening to write an Instagram caption. It never ends. This sounds rather morbid however I like connecting with people through my blog and social media, but it tends to be that if I am watching TV I will also be editing a photo or writing a blog post.


This is especially true when you either work during the week or have school. Taking blog post photos can take up to a few hours to do if you are having a big session, because you have to get everything out to take a few shots and put them away again. Doing this in the week is so difficult because of course school or work takes priority, plus as it's winter it gets dark at 5, so weekends are primarily for blogging.


Yes, you see people like Zoella or Tanya Burr who have blogs and YouTube channels and get a hefty paycheck, but for smaller bloggers like myself, you don't actually get anything. I have been lucky enough to receive some few items to review - which is INSANE - but I don't actually get any money from my blog. I am in the process of only just starting to monetize my blog and it has been 10 months since I started it. There are things like Amazon Associates where you can advertise Amazon and then get money every time somebody buys something through your link, but from personal experience, I can say it's not worth it. If you want to make money through your blog then you need to stick to it, as it doesn't happen overnight.


I have heard of other part-time bloggers missing out on opportunities because some brands can make remarks that you aren't a full-time blogger. Any brands like that aren't worth working with because then you're promoting a not very nice company! I have also had my fair share of nasty comments behind my back, and people taking the mick out of my blog but SO WHAT. I love blogging as it lets me be creative, and it is a part of what I want to do with my fashion degree. I put a huge amount of effort into my blog and social media accounts, often staying up late to make sure I have commented on enough Instagram accounts so that I can connect with more people, and when people say you aren't committed or when people can make horrible comments about your efforts it's hard. However, it isn't worth worrying about that because there will always be people out there like it as quite often they are just simply jealous.

If you are a full-time blogger then high five! Or if you are a part-time blogger then high five too! Doesn't matter which you are, everyone puts in the same amount of effort and even though it can be tough, it is worth it!

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