This Week on The Blog - "Are you Happy"

The reason this post has taken me so long to write is because life hasn't been the best but things are starting to motivate and inspire me more to openly write about it all.

So the question is, Are you happy? Something we often like to avoid asking ourselves. It can sometimes do more harm than good being asked how are you? are you ok? Whether we are dealing with depression, anxiety, problems at work or at home.

Yes, life is like a rollercoaster one minute we are up the next we are down and it could all happen in a matter of seconds, that's the worse part. So having some time to think about it all the conclusion I came to was what can you do to change how you feel about yourself. Of course, you can be a little selfish at times, if you are not happy then the likelihood is the others you love around you will feel this vibe and it will affect the way they feel to.

Do we learn what makes us happy or sad or is it a trial and error in life? But in all our lives there comes a point when we have to ask ourself that question "AM I HAPPY?". Happiness needs to be something that stems from yourself and we should push to create it ourselves.

I changed lots of aspects of my life since being diagnosed with Mental health issues, but it's ok. I've faced that if tablets are an aid to help me get through and see the light at the end of the tunnel then I am taking it. Like I said before, I quit my full-time job and I now have a part-time job which I am coping so much better with and life is looking up after months of a dark cloud being over me. It's made me look forward and to do things for myself, I don't want people to pity me or sadness to take over my life.

Sure I have days where I feel at an all time low but I cry it out, scream and then treat the next day as a new one. Next year is something to look forward with my Hen party, getting married and going on an amazing honeymoon to Mexico, one of the places in the world I have always wanted to visit.

Listen to yourself and work out what you want from life, don't be scared to change things and explore new ways to feel happy you deserve it!

Post by Amy - Aestheticave



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