The New Office - Maison de Choup Moves

After starting Maison de Choup in my bedroom and working there since launching, I have now decided to take flight and move into a new office, based in Winchester. I've done this because I believe my room was getting too 'stuffy', I would wake up and work there, go to bed and move 5 ft to my bed and it was getting isolating, lonely and stale. My desk was lovely and very clean (all the time), I sometimes still work from home when I have to, but much less so now. 

^ My desk space. 

So, last week I made the decision to move out. The Maison de Choup HQ has now moved to Winchester where operations are run, orders are still fulfilled and dispatched from home, as we are very small. However, the main brand is now being run from a beautiful space in Winchester, a co-working office which has recently launched. Amongst myself, there are other entrepreneurs who work in different industries.

^ New Office Desk

It's refreshing to be away from the house, and nice to come home after a day of work. I also find I get a lot more inspiration working in a different setting every day, I can sit wherever I like, that could be at a table, a sofa or a bar. 


^ Communal sitting/working area

Starting a business can be very lonely, I recently touched on the topic in a recent podcast with Claire Eastham. Working from one's bedroom or kitchen table, yes sounds like a dream, and can be wonderful but nobody ever talks about how solitary it can be. I decided to move on as I felt it was time to get out of my comfort zone, I like being outside of my comfort zone and I believe this is a great way to push me even further.  

 ^ the aesthetics are real

If you work from home or your bedroom, I would encourage you to go to a coffee shop some days, or a bar, just to get some fresh ideas, you never know what inspiration you will get!


^ Warrior at Work

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