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3 Years ago I set out on a Journey, a journey to change the face of mental health and stigma through the way of fashion. 2 Years ago today, I made my first sale on Maison de Choup. There's absolutely no doubt about it, it's been a rocky road, there have been incredible days, difficult days, soul-destroying days, and on many days, I have cried. But I have NEVER considered giving up on my venture to create an amazing fashion brand that gave back to and spread awareness about mental health, the good days ALWAYS outweigh the bad days. In that 3 years, I feel I have achieved so much already, partnering with the incredible YoungMinds Charity and donating 25% of proceeds from certain designs to them, winning the British Fashion Startup Award 2016, helping many young people open up about their mental health by giving interviews to the press, recently becoming a YoungMinds Youth Advisor, meaning I am further working with YoungMinds to change young peoples mental health care and spread awareness and of course, newly launching The Warrior Collection which has already contributed a great amount to YM. I just want to thank EVERYONE who is supporting and has supported me on this journey and venture, the people who have been by my side, my family, my friends, my customers, dare I say, my Instagram followers and Twitter followers. You are ALL absolutely amazing and you are what makes the brand so special and indeed what it is today! So thank you all so much for your continued support! Here is to the next many years of my life with Maison de Choup and spreading much much more awareness about Mental Health and changing the face of how we perceive it! LOVE  g x

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This Week on The Blog - Proudly Me

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