Maison de Choup Blog - Mental Health & Fashion Posts

  • What was it like riding 147 Miles in 13 Hours?

    Sunday 8th October. It's a cold crisp Autumn morning and I'm hopping out of bed, mentally (and psychically) psyching myself up for I'm about to put myself through.

  • British Fashion Startup Awards - WINNER

    Last Friday I attended the British Fashion Startup Awards and was crowned Winner!

    This year I've achieved some incredible things:

    - Launching the iconic Volpe Bag & our beautiful leather and vinyl purses;

    - being featured on the BBC Website talking openly about my mental health and how I started Maison de Choup out of my anxiety.

    - being interviewed by The Observer for talking about my personal experience with anxiety.

    - and being featured by Vanity Fair who confirmed that Maison de Choup is 'The fashion brand with a mental health cause at its heart' 

    - And then winning the British Fashion Startup Award 2016 was the icing on the cake! 

    Thank you all so much for being part of this amazing and surreal journey! And we are sure there will be many more memories and exciting times to look forward to.

    George x

  • Hand me my purse, will you darling?..

    It's taken a few months for them to come to life but we finally got there and they are available to the world and the fashion world has responded.