Sometimes I'm ok, Sometimes I'm not...

Maison de Choup has collaborated with Alice Peta Quinn to create a very special bespoke new t-shirt design. The 'Sometimes I'm okay, Sometimes I'm not' design is based around the truth that not every day is a good day and that we all suffer from poor mental health at some point during our life. 

Working together with Alice, we explored the various options of creating this beautiful masterpiece. Using her incredibly delicate, rare and bespoke hand embroidery skills we handwrote each line in a wonderful calligraphy font to express beauty. 

Then, transferring the early drafts of the writing we tested the hand embroidery on our beautiful 100% organic cotton T-Shirts. It took seamlessly. 

This has been an incredibly important collaboration with Alice because it is so close to both my heart and indeed hers. We thought using this design in a delicate and non-intrusive way we could express that we all have bad days. 

We all have a story. What's your story? 






Collaboration with Alice Peta Quinn 2018

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