Our Top-Pick Mental Health Bloggers to follow for 2017

Every year, Mental Health is becoming a bigger problem with figures constantly on the rise as more people speak out. However, with increasing publicity and the royals having a very keen interest in Mental Health, help is slowly improving. We've handpicked some bloggers who are actively trying to create awareness for Mental Health, who are also speaking out about their own personal experiences a mental illness.

Hannah RaineyLittle Thoughts

Hannah is the creator of #TalkMH, a community set up to discuss various topics surrounding mental health. Every Thursday at 8:30 pm she invites a different blogger/speaker to ask a variety of questions about a topic of their choosing and an incredible amount of people get involved and speak about their own personal experiences with the topic, so much so it has been seen to trend before. She is an incredible advocate for the mental health community on the whole and blogs about her journey with therapy, advice and beauty topics. Definitely, one to follow and keep a keen eye on. 

Lauren Evie - Lauren Evie

Lauren's blog is a little smaller than most, however, her content is just as good. She blogs all things, travel, lifestyle, fashion and Mental Health. She's an aspiring journalist, and she's going the right way about it. Her writing manner is compelling and she blogs about very interesting and sometimes eclectic topics. This is one of our favourite blog posts: 60 Ways To Tackle The Low Days

Claire Eastham wE'Re AlL mAd heRe

One of our favourite bloggers of all time in fact, is Claire Eastham, she writes musings and articles on her spectacular award-winning blog 'We're All Mad Here'. She has recently launched her book; We're All Mad Here: The No-Nonsense Guide to Living with Social Anxiety which has become a best seller. She is an advocate and indeed a role model for anyone suffering from a mental illness (and a personal friend), writing in her own incredibly honest way her blog is simply, wonderful. 

Zoe Sugg - Zoella

Unsurprisingly, Zoella has made this list. However, that is not because we're sucking up to her, no, it's because in October she created a blog post about her personal experience with Anxiety. As any sufferer may know, this is a big and very difficult step. Unsure of how severely she may suffer, it is still very brave to write a blog post to millions of followers who could quite possibly turn away from you. But she's made our list for one reason, speaking out. If a figure this large and popular in her own right can talk about mental health and anxiety, she may encourage her mass of followers who may also suffer to do the same and the more people that talk about mental health the better chance we have of abolishing the stigma surrounding it. Check out her Anxiety Update here

Zoella Blogger

These are just a select few of the blogs to follow in 2017. Do keep an eye on all of these (ex Zoella) blogs as they are becoming increasingly popular. If you have any other favourites or suggestions, do leave them in the comment section below! 

Have a wonderful Sunday. 

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