National Time to Talk Day - Why it's SO important to talk about Mental Health

Why do we need to talk about Mental Health? 

Well, because one in four of us are affected by a mental health problem. When one is suffering from a mental illness, it can be very difficult to talk about the subject openly due to the stigma STILL surrounding it. 

On Thursday 2nd February it's National Time to Talk Day. A day which invites millions of people to get talking and break the silence surrounding mental health problems.

This is something incredible that was started in 2014 by Time to Change and it gives people the confidence to talk about their mental health problem or experience openly to a friend/colleague/loved one or anyone they feel comfortable telling without being stigmatised. 

Last year we did a blog post inviting bloggers to openly write about their mental health experience and how it affected them, we put together a beautiful and inspiring collation of their stories

It's SO important to talk about mental health, not only because it will make one feel better and may alleviate some feelings of anxiety, but because it gets OTHER people talking, it encourages other sufferers to open up and speak about their suffering. We need to end the stigma and encourage people in schools, colleges & universities to talk. You may be sitting next to someone who is suffering from severe anxiety or slight depression. My aim, as a lot of people know, is to start giving speeches at schools, colleges & universities about the importance of being open about mental health, especially men, because we tend to bottle everything up. 

In September 2016, I posted a video on Youtube openly talking about my experience with anxiety. 

So, on Thursday, talk about your mental health problem and tell people, in person, on Twitter, Facebook, via an Instagram post, however you feel comfortable telling people, tell them, it may make you feel better. Let's get talking. Support National Time to Talk Day. #TimetoTalk

^Me being interviewed on Radio 5 Live (2hr:41min:00sec) talking about my personal experience with severe anxiety, how I started Maison de Choup whilst suffering and encouraging other people to talk about their Mental Health. 

Maison de Choup is also proud to be supporting Heads Togethera campaign to end stigma around mental health.

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  • A great and very informative read, hopefully, this post will encourage others to talk!

    Madeline Scott

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