MDC TRAVELOGUE ep.1 // Brighton

In the course of the normal business day at MDC we get the opportunity to travel to new places and explore. So, we decided to start a small travelogue, photographing and documenting where we've been. 

Last Wednesday the UK experienced weather that frankly, exceeded our expectations of the English, temperamental climate. Hitting temperatures of around 33° the British people packed their bags, got in their sweltering hot cars and flocked to the nearest beach. Now, we would usually head down to Bournemouth or Sandbanks and enjoy the golden sands with beautiful cliffside scenery. However, on this occasion, we thought we'd take a trip on the wild side and head to Brighton. It was a complete haven for the beautiful. This was a great day to capture some wonderful photographs! So here we are.. sharing our simply lovely experience down in Brighton last week. We hope you love the photographs as much as we loved taking them! Enjoy ep.1! 
Photography © George David Hodgson - Founder 

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