Maison de Choup proudly signs the MH Media Charter

Maison de Choup & Founder George have both proudly signed the Mental Health (MH) Media Charter started by Natasha Devon MBE. 

We believe this is incredibly important and are in full support of the MH Media Charter. We now have the stamp of approval on our About Us page. 

"For World Mental Health Day 2017, Natasha launched the Mental Health Media Charter. This is a set of 7 simple guidelines for ensuring imagery and language used in mental health reporting is responsible, genuinely educational and stigma-reducing.
The Charter was put together with the help of the Samaritans, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England and Beat. It has been endorsed by Girguiding, the Coalition for Men & Boys & the Labour Campaign for Mental Health
On 10th October 2017, Natasha issued a written invitation to the editor of every major publication in the UK, inviting them to sign the charter. She keeps an ongoing log of who has responded and what they have said using the Twitter account @MHMediaCharter. 
The charter can be signed by individuals or organisations, including bloggers, YouTubers and presenters. Those who sign up will receive a specially designed ‘stamp of approval’ drawn by Rubyetc for their website and social media. 
To request a copy of the charter, or to support the campaign please email"
To view the charter in full, along with a list of organisations and high profile individuals who have signed to date please click here.

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