Maison de Choup Mental Health Story Feature - CALL OUT - Project M(ental)H(ealth)

Dear everyone,

Maison de Choup is doing a call out to people who suffer from a mental illness, whether that be anxiety or depression we want to know about your experience! Whether you’ve had a positive recovery or are still suffering and what the experience is like. We are doing this to raise awareness about mental health, although there is a lot of people already doing this we would like to hear your stories. The feeling of being alone in suffering is simply terrifying so we want people to talk about their experience so people know they are not alone. If you also feel like mentioning your coping mechanisms, please feel free to do so.

We are going to feature your stories on a featured MDC blog post*. If you are experiencing a mental illness and want to talk about your experience please write to us over email and send it in.

We look forward to hearing from you. Photos to compliment your stories are very welcome as well. Project MH is a free sharing story blog post that aims to encourage other young sufferers to post and talk about their experience, knowing that they are not suffering in silence. 

Email us: 


Comment below:

*Please note that you can remain anonymous or be named, your confidentiality is our priority.

Please send them in by the 22nd September. 


Founder & Severe Anxiety Sufferer

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