How to be charming...

Being charming or having charm is the art of having an attractive personality. We all know that really impolite, rude and arrogant successful person. But since we're more likely to engage and get on with someone that's modest, polite & kind, let's learn how to to do that. Essentially, people who are charming. Here are a few things you can do to be that person...(there not even difficult things)


This comes naturally to a lot of people, being a smiley, bubbly person. And it's proven, we instantly like someone that smiles, a lot. If you look grumpy or slightly off, people will put their barriers up, smiling invites them to talk to you and feel comfortable around you. 

Being Genuinely Interested in people

You will notice that charming people always listen to what you're saying, with intent. They will remain positively interested in you and what's going on in your life. Asking open-ended questions, they want to know what you honestly think, leaving you to open up like never before, making you feel like the most interesting person in the world and you like them for making you feel that way.

Dress Well/Maintain Hygiene & Look Good

This goes without saying. If you turn up to a job interview dressed in trackies, smelling of body odour and messy hair, it's unlikely you're going to land that dream job. Turn up well turned out, smartly dressed or smart casual depending on the occasion, smell good and maintain hygiene (shave, hair etc). Have you ever noticed how much more confident you feel when you're dressed well? You feel empowered, confident like you can take on anything, dressed for success. Dappa. It's amazing how people respect you when you are well dressed. 

Avoid Complaining

That's right, complaining can make you seem uneducated or even unintelligent and don't use it as an icebreaker. People are attracted to positive energy and if you come in with a negative complaint about how cold it is in the office, you can be seen as a negative person to be around, and nobody likes that.

Remember names

Sometimes a tricky one, understandably, a lot of people are very forgetful with names. That sinking feeling you get when you've forgotten the person's name after just 5 minutes of being introduced to them? Oops. Charming people always remember names and little details, to a surprising degree. It feels good to know they've remembered something you only told them in passing, you walk away smiling knowing they've remembered. However, they never name drop.

Always be more than you seem. 

Charming people are always reserved, they tend to keep a lot in and don't talk about themselves much unless asked, and even then they will leave details open, enigmatically. Leaving you wanting to know more. They are good listeners, be the quiet one rather than loud but at the same time, don't be timid. Charmers most of the time are actually leading the conversation without any of you realising what's happening.

And finally, study George Clooney, in anything. 

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