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Hello! My name is Olivia and I'm a blogger at Nude On Broad Street. I'm also a full-time fashion student at LCF. I've been blogging alongside studying at Uni for 4 years now and feel like I've finally cracked a good balance between balancing the two.

For me it all comes down to time management, I am by no means the greatest, but whenever I really stick to these tips I always stay on top of things.

Being organised

I set the morning aside for blog work as it's the best time of day for lighting, I reply to emails and work on blog/Instagram content. I love to post every day on Instagram so sometimes I'll spend an entire morning taking photos, which I can stockpile to use throughout the week. This is easier said than done, I love to snap outfits as I'm wearing them, but can be a great system for flat lays or interior shots.

Late afternoon I switch over to Uni work, I’m a women's wear designer and pattern cutter so I normally make something to eat and get started on my design work for the rest of the day.

Plan a schedule

I write out a schedule for each week which helps SO much. Knowing exactly what I have to post, and when, really helps me to prioritise my time evenly between my blog and my Uni work.

My biggest tip for scheduling is to be realistic, write down really achievable jobs for each day, that way it's not so overwhelming!

Taking time out

Taking time out when you feel like you're under stress and need a break is important. I find it really useful in helping to gather my thoughts.

For me, organising my workspace and writing to do lists help best. I sometimes will dedicate an evening with no work planned, I can then choose to spend those evenings doing odd jobs which can help make me feel on top of things again.

I think it’s easily overlooked as a ‘creative’ to take time to be inspired. I find reading through blogs, magazines and Pinterest the best way for me! 

Studying full time is a lot of work and pursuing a hobby part time doesn’t ease the work load but I think it’s achievable! Hopefully, this helps if you’re feeling a little stressed or overwhelmed.

You can find me at for fashion and lifestyle posts!

Olivia x

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