An all-round update! I've been a little quiet lately...

I've been quite quiet. I've turned off my notifications on my phone as well. For the last week, I've been in recovery from a severe bout of Anxiety & OCD, it started taking hold of me.

After attending Boomtown, my brain started filling in gaps of things that never happened which would lead me to overthink things and feel crippled by my anxiety.

But taking the right steps, I knew I was strong enough to come out of it. When you start feeling mentally unwell, I cannot stress enough how important it is you take some time out. I hid my phone, stayed in bed, did some cooking, went and visited family and rode a horse for the first time EVER, 17 and a half hands! Despite owning two of them.

This isn't a business newsletter, nor an entrepreneurial one. But I'm just popping into your feed to remind you that it's ok to take some time off if you start feeling mentally unwell, just like with a cold. There is no shame in that. 



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