Maison de Choup has just landed in Iceland where it has been snowing heavily in the last few weeks. The winter has turned Reykjavik into the perfect christmas city and surrounded the local people with the picture perfect winter wonderland. The pictures are magnificent!

We are proud to announce that Maison de Choup is now available on Tiny trésor (
Tiny Trésor is a little new lifestyle online boutique. The boutique focuses on international premium design and is based in Iceland. 

This weekend Tiny trésor will be a part of the Design Christmas Market in Reykjavík. The market is located in the Icelandic Design Museum and is the golden opportunity for anyone who would like to find beautiful and unique designs to give to your loved ones. You can´t miss this one!

If you are not lucky enough to be in Reykjavik winter wonderland you can always visit and get a unique design T shipped straight to your door! Alternatively come and visit us on Sunday up market and try them on!
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Tiny Tresor Boutique © (

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