It's Payback Time!

1 month ago, Maison de Choup launched to the world! 1 Year ago, Maison de Choup was just a vision in Founder George's mind. He never thought to this day, that he would have overcome his severe anxiety and start his own fashion label. Now with both, he has a mission. To inspire other young anxiety sufferers that they can get through their darkest times and do something incredible.

Expressing one's anxieties is a great hurdle, once you become comfortable with them, you don't feel imprisoned.  "It took me a whole year to learn to cope with my illness, overcoming it was far harder than learning how to deal with it" As soon as you start to overcome the illness, learning and understanding how to cope becomes a lot easier. Sitting around brooding alone at home breeds self-doubt and fear. Sometimes, all that is needed to get rid of anxiety is simply to get out the house and go for a walk. By removing yourself from your comfort zone, you are starting to combat your fears which builds your confidence. Although it takes courage, every step will become easier.

It's payback time! I have decided to give something back, as I can't donate to an individual who helped me most I am donating 25% of the price made from these t-shirts to YoungMinds helping other young sufferers get through their darkest times. A small thank you to those certain people helping others struggle with a mental illness. 

YoungMinds is the UK’s leading charity dedicated to children and young people’s mental health. They campaign, research and influence policy and practice on behalf of children and young people for improved care and better services.


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This Week on The Blog - Proudly Me

This Week on The Blog - Proudly Me



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