my favourite quotes & other musings - by George.

"fear defeats more people than any other thing in the world" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Inside The Mind..
I love quotes. I have so many books with quotes about anxiety and other subjects, but I can basically relate to any quote. During some of my darkest days they helped shape my recovery, reading them and understanding them made me have a different outlook on certain things. 

I recently found these books, with quotes and some drawings from which I drew throughout my gloom-ridden days. In these books my drawings are solely about anxiety
and they are quite, well, neurotic, but I love them.  

So below I have some photos from the darkest period of my life with the quotes that helped me grow and the drawings that visually showed what I was experiencing at the time. 

Oh and sorry about the bad handwriting..
This is not a quote but a bit of advice, every time you conquer something or achieve something, your motivation increases 100% and you feel like you can do more. As I started my road to recovery, every time I felt that little bit of motivation, I saw light at the end of the tunnel and it pushed me to keep going. 
One of my early drawings about anxiety, looking back, I'm not exactly sure what this one means, but I think I was thinking along the (scribbly) lines of anxiety being a long messy road. 
No words needed here..
This quote I remember well, behind the lines that I scribbled out because I didn't agree with and didn't want to believe actually say 'Sex, Drugs..' This was at the time I was in a deep cycle of drug paranoia and couldn't touch, hear or see anything remotely related to drugs. Even touching my computer became a constant worry. 
Ahh Rainer, this still is one of my favourite quotes. Although I am now cured from an incredibly severe form of anxiety I still have bad days and suffer, but this is what makes me. These are the days that wake me up, make me realise just how good life can be. If my devils are to leave me, my angels will take flight as well - If I have no bad times how can I appreciate the good times?
Another drawing depicting my anxiety. At the time, this is exactly my mood, represented in pen, a mess. I had no idea what I was thinking, why I kept having such vivid memories and thoughts that were so full on. The scribbles around the outside of the word are blocking the thoughts, I cannot explain to anyone what it is exactly I'm thinking. Words Fail Me.
This quote speaks for itself. Lamott is simply saying, You can forget something, but it still happened. Or in my terms, I can learn to cope with the anxiety but it will always be there. 
george - musing #1 2013 
You make mistakes you learn, you learn. Mistakes and problems create who we are, it's why we are interesting.
george - musing #2 2013 
(self portrait - 2013 ©) This is a sad drawing I did. The person is me, it's a self portrait except I have no facial expression, no eyes and I am crying. I am looking from the outside at myself and thinking that I didn't actually know who I was when I was suffering from anxiety, I became lost, confused, I did strange things and it wasn't me. I'm crying because I was falling ever deeper with no light. 
I'm going to leave this one with you.. "If you can go through life without ever experiencing pain you probably haven't been born yet." Neil Simon
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