What Went Down: Winchester Fashion Week

On Saturday the 30th April 2016 MDC took part in Winchester Fashion Week in Hampshire. We'd been planning our stand for about a week, visiting London for inspiration. 

Finding the perfect look to compliment MDC's aesthetic was a difficult task, we didn't know whether to go vintage or modern. Eventually, we decided to go with a simple modern look which is what MDC is all about. 

The results? Take a look for yourself. Overall we had a good evening and the brand was received very well, people really liked the stand design. We ran a competition to WIN a unique MDC Volpe Purse and the winner has been picked out of a hat. 
Founder: George David Hodgson at the MDC Stand at Winchester Fashion Week 2016
Founder George with the MDC Stand. Wearing the White Volpes Collar Shirt
The MDC Stand at Winchester Fashion Week on Saturday 30th April Winchester Hampshire
The MDC Stand setup on Saturday night at Winchester Fashion Week. With our Volpe Bag on display 
A close up of the MDC Stand - Featuring the Linear Tee
Close up of our White Volpes Collar Shirt

We would like to thank Winchester BID & Winchester Fashion Week for being so helpful on the evening and to all the people who came and said hello to us. We're really pleased you all loved the brand and the story behind it. Congratulations to the winner of the MDC Volpe Purse. 

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