How To Be Happy

"Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will. - Zig Ziglar"

We all have those days where we struggle to get motivated and sometimes getting started with doing what you truly want to do in life can be hard. But by not focusing on the destination and thinking more about the journey, you can increase your day-to-day happiness. 
We've got a few little tips to help you feel better on that slump grey day you're having and something to think about when it's pouring with rain outside. We know.. it's easier said than done, but give this a little read and you may feel that slightly bit better.
Stop trying to control everything that happens during the day.

Being prepared and knowing some things certainly helps.
  • But it can become a prison when you try to control it all or think things through 50 times to be on the safe side and to not risk making mistakes, fail or look like a fool. Failure is the path to success, fall 7 times stand up eight. We all make mistakes.
Ask yourself, honestly what is the worst that could happen?
 Take a couple of deep breaths to calm down your mind a bit. Then ask yourself this question.
  • You’ll realize that in most cases the worst thing that could realistically happen is not that bad. It may sting for a bit. But it is something you can handle. And it is a situation you can find something to do about if this worst case scenario were to happen. The clarity you get from this question can – in our experience – reduce fears quite a bit. Yes, mistakes can be embarrassing but we've all been there and we are only human.
    7 Minutes Exercise
  • 7 Minutes? Absolutely. A quick walk or run in the morning can do wonders, it will not only make you feel happier throughout the day but it will also make you feel better about your body. It can also be an effective strategy for overcoming depression. 

    Write a list
  • Writing a list at the start of the day of what tasks you have to do will give you some structure, you then don't have to worry so much about what you need to do next, it leaves space for you to focus your energy on the things you need to get done without worrying about the next thing.

    Listen to music
  • Listening to upbeat and quite fast music has been a proven way to increase your mood. So if you're travelling on the train to work in the morning or going for a quick walk or run, pop on your headphones and listen to some upbeat tunes, it'll be sure to help you face the day!  

So.. with just a few simple steps and tips, you could feel a little better during the day, smiling and socialising with people on a regular basis is always a great help as well! 

Got more tips? 

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P.s. Enjoy this wonderful short video by the ladies over at LEAF - We love it! 



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